Computer Science Jobs List 

10 Best Computer Science Jobs in India

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Mobile Application developer


Create Mobile Application functional and desings for Costomer According Requirements . Expected Salery 3.50 Lack 

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IT project manager


IT project managers plan, budget, develop, organise and manage IT projects. Expected Salery 4.50 lack 

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Information Systems Manager


Information systems managers maintain the efficiency and security of IT systems and networks. Expencted Salery 4.70 lack

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System Engineer


System engineers are responsible for the installation, configuration and testing of operating systems. Expencted Salery 5.50 lack

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Network Security Engineer


A network security engineer is responsible for testing, configuring and safeguarding hardware and software systems. Expencted Salery 5.50 lack

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Information Security Analyst


AInformation security analysts create, implement and monitor IT security systems to prevent cyberattacks and security breaches against computer networks and websites. Expencted Salery 6 lack

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Software Engineer


Software engineers create software programs, applications and systems that enable the digital world to function. Expencted Salery 6.50 lack

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Java Developer


Java developers write code for Java-based web applications, websites and software programmes using the Java programming language Expencted Salery 6.50 lack

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Database Administrator


Database administrators are responsible for data resource management, which includes designing, implementing, controlling and securing database systems. Expencted Salery 7 lack

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IT Security Specialist


IT security specialists design, build, implement, monitor and maintain efficient and scalable security systems to protect the data, communication systems and technical assets of organisations. Expencted Salery 10 lack

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